Web Development

Content Management

You don’t need to know any code to update your website. That is the beauty of Content Management Systems.
Saving you the small fortune of hiring someone to do it for you and the numerous man hours of trawling through code to change one small area of your site.
Our sites can be built using the latest Content Management Systems, maintaining web standards to ensure ease of use and compatibility.

Content Management Systems are future proofed and secured with updates to ensure any newly surfaced vulnerabilities are always fixed and your site remains as secure as possible.

Featuring collaborative editing, this allows more than one person to live-edit content on the website without risk.

The majority of Content Management Systems make it easy to manage SEO with highly optimised software out of the box, providing you with the extensibility and flexibility of expanding a website easily and without fuss.

Responsive Design

A unique design layout attuned specifically for multiple types and sizes of devices, from mobile phones to tablets to large desktops.
Support for a variety of screen sizes to ensure a website will scale on each device is a cost effective method of approaching traffic from mobile users and solidifies your website for the future.


A unique Content management system providing a completely customisable solution for any size of website.

Featuring a simplistic management system, it takes no time at all to get online and get publishing content to your website using WordPress.
If you’ve ever created a document then you will already be familiar with editing content with WordPress allowing you to create content easily with simple formatting and publishing tools.

The ability to schedule publications provides you with the ability to queue up content to show up on your website at set times.

Taking care of 80 – 90% of the mechanics of search engine optimisation for you, you can have peace of mind knowing that you already have the beginnings of SEO out of the box when using WordPress.

Fully compliant with the latest web standards means that your WordPress website will work in today’s web browsers as well as maintaining compatibility for the future of the web.


An e-commerce platform is a great tool for bridging the gap between a store and the internet.

With the ability to offer as many products as you can imagine all in one area, an e-commerce platform is an excellent selling tool for getting your products into the market without the involvement of a physical premise.

We support some of the largest and most common e-commerce platforms currently available such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Magento Go and ZenCart.

GoogleApps for Business

Consisting of Google’s most popular web-based applications, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides, Google’s Cloud based productivity suite helps you and your team synchronise their work flows.

Simple to setup, use and manage, GoogleApps allows users to work together effectively and efficiently, keeping focus on work without the tedious distraction of difficult to configure software.

All data is backed up to secure Google servers whilst you work, preventing key data loss and if accidents do happen, GoogleApps allows you to be back up and working in seconds.

Providing the flexibility of working from your mobile, tablet or home computer, GoogleApps is accessible wherever you are in the world using any device with an Internet Connection.

Collaborative editing allows multiple users to work alongside each other in real time on the same projects, preventing conflict of information and ensuring an efficient workflow.

No additional hardware or client software is required as GoogleApps runs out of the box on any modern web browser saving both time and money.

Office 365

Providing a Microsoft Exchange based email account, a fully licensed copy of Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac, Microsoft’s own Cloud based Office suite provides collaboration of work wherever you are in the world.

Users of existing Office software will have a seamless experience transitioning onto Office 365, coupled with Email and Shared calendars, accessible from anywhere, users can collectively work together without ever needing to experience communication breakdowns or glitches.

Available on Android, Windows Phone and iOS, Office 365 for Mobile allows users access to their files whilst on the move ensuring fluidity with workflow.

With a secure and private cloud-based work management suite solution, Office 365 keeps everyone on the same page with a familiar interface that many people are already used to.

Email Configuration and Management

We can provide Microsoft Exchange mailboxes to customers, making it possible for you to work anywhere with the ability to access your emails, contacts and schedules through any device with an internet connection, all completely in sync, in real time.

An excellent and cost effective upgrade solution from managing and maintaining your own email server.